"The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is transforming the future of work in ASEAN."

You need to be AseanReady

4IR is a challenge faced by young people that comprise half of the ASEAN population, yet it's alarming how studies have shown a huge gap in 21st-century skills, crucial in adapting to this changing landscape.

We want to empower youth with 21st-century skills ready for transforming industries in ASEAN. This enables us to be partners in building our region's vision for inclusive socio-economic growth together. 

"We believe that youth leadership can shape today's technological advances to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

"We want to be SDG leaders in our school, workplace, or as entrepreneurs in our communities."

"We feel empowered when we are equipped with skills, have a pathway for growth, and sense of purpose in what we do."

AYC empowers YOUth to be AseanReady

We empower young people to gain 21st-century skills to shape the future of work and co-create sustainable development in the region.

✓ Gain 21st-century 
leadership  skills for your personal success

✓ Access regional networks for opportunities and leadership support

✓ Empower youth as SDG champions in your local communities

21st-century educators

Teachers and Trainers seeking professional development
 (ages 18-35)

Join the AseanReady bootcamp for

21st-century educators in Singapore!

Experiential learning  x  Technology literacy  x  Design Thinking for Sustainable Development 

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